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5 Golden Coins



A Fantasy Adventure

where you navigate your way through this beautifully illustrated story.

To detailed sketches

See the book take shape from very simple concept sketches

This is how the final artwork appears in the book

and then onto full colored artwork

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This is a fantasy story set within a boys dream. Follow and play along with his dream in this wonderfully illustrated adventure book.

At the start of the book you give your child 5 Golden coins. These coins can be spent while reading through the book. How you spend them is up to your child. Help them with some sage advice which will teach them, as you read and play together.

As you read and play along,  make different choices to see where the story will take you. Using the coins in different ways will lead to new adventures.


Discover the different characters that inhabit this book. (see below)


The Story

The Artwork

The Characters

A few of the different characters you may meet in this book.

Books for Interactive Reading

The App version of 5 Golden Coins can make an excellent present for any young child.

The Book can read to your Child in Either a Male or Female voice.

The Game controls the coins and makes navigating the book very easy for any child.

The art scales beautifully to any device resolution.

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