A Day at the Zoo

A Fun day out at the zoo.

Discovering animals and fun along the way.

To detailed sketches

See the book take shape from very simple concept sketches

This is how the final artwork appears in the book

and then onto full colored artwork

Click the pictures to enlarge and see more detail

This is a story of a nice summers day out visiting a local Zoo. Navigate around the Zoo discovering all the different animals. Can you visit them all in one day? Especially written with young children in mind.

At the start and of the end of the book you will be greeted by the Zoo keeper. Along the way he knows you will take a picture of each of the animals you visit with.

As you read and play along, make different choices to see where the story will take you. New direction choices could lead you to different animals. When you do see an animal, don’t forget to find and hold that creatures picture. Collect them all in several goes, or try to do the whole Zoo in one play through.

Discover some of the different animals that inhabit this book. (see below)


The Story

The Artwork

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The Animals

A few of the different animals you may meet in this book.

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The App version of ‘A Day at the Zoo’ as seen below is an excellent bed time story for you and your young children.

The Book can read to your Child in Either a Male or Female voice, or be muted.

The Game controls the photographs taken of the animals and makes navigating the book very easy for any child.

The art scales beautifully to any device resolution.

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